I can’t find a product on the Colorforms® website, are you still making it?

Vintage Colorforms sets, dating back to the 1950s, have been out of production for many years and are no longer a part of our product line. Unfortunately, we do not have these sets available for purchase and have a limited archive. We do currently sell reproductions of our classic set (1950s) and Miss Weather (1970s).

What is a Colorforms® Miss Weather Set?

A reproduction of the classic set designed in the 1970s. Includes playboard and plastic outfits for Miss Weather, for any season of the year! Colorforms Stick-Ons® are bigger for little hands. This educational set is perfect for teaching preschoolers how to dress for the weather.

What is a Colorforms® Classic Set?

This is the set that started it all! It is a replica of the Original Colorforms Set that launched the company in 1951 and was recently selected for the Toy Hall of Fame. This set includes 350 brightly colored shapes in an elegant, spiral-bound book and case. This re-stickable playset is the ultimate creativity toy with limitless possibilities.

What is a Colorforms® Big Wall Playset?

With the Colorforms® Big Wall Playset, you can play along with your favorite characters, create a story on a giant background, and then when you’re done… re-stick and start all over again!  Set includes 1 oversized background (2 ft. x 3 ft.), 8+ extra-large Colorforms® stick-ons, and gentle silicone tabs for hanging that won’t mess or harm your walls.

The Big Wall Playset background is folded multiple times for compact packaging. Creases will fade naturally over time.

Colorforms® Big Wall Playset Instructions.pdf


What is a Colorforms® Take Along Re-Stickable Set?

The Colorforms® Take Along Set can travel with you in the car, on the plane, or anywhere your adventure takes you!  Self-contained portable set includes 2 colorful backgrounds and 36+ reusable Colorforms® stick-ons.

Do Colorforms® stick to other surfaces?

Colorforms are designed to stick and re-stick on the included paperboard background. You may find that Colorforms also stick to any other smooth, clean surfaces, such as your window or tablet.

Are there instructions for my Colorforms®?

There is no right or wrong way to play with your Colorforms. Start by peeling the Colorforms Stick-Ons® from their sheet, and apply the piece to the playboard any way you choose! Add another Colorforms piece, or move the first one. The possibilities of imaginative play are endless!

Select Colorforms® playsets come with instructions, included in the set and downloadable below:

Colorforms® Create A Story Re-Stickable Set Instructions.pdf

Colorforms® Big Wall Playset Instructions.pdf